Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fostering Cultural Intelligence and the Art of ADR

A Synopsis

Cultural intelligence is inherent to an individual. There should be a reason to improve cultural intelligence on a general notion. The inherent skills, which are determined by one’s culture, equip the individual with unique and exclusive qualities. Cultural inheritance influences social change to a greater extent. Thriving hard in one’s own culture most often results in unknown practices while the others who slightly stay detached from the hardcore cultural practices, experience a better slot adapting to the social standards in general. The skills of ADR come as a technique fostered by the cultural intelligence on most occasions.
Although cultural intelligence comes as a natural instinct, there is a wider scope to understand and inherit the cultural intelligence by learning such trait from others by generally observing and focusing them on low-pressure situations. Being judgmental in most occasions might end up being inaccurate and stereotypic. The trait of inculcating a very high standard set of ADR skills will not only render a status of resolved disputes but on the other hand results in a day to day solution of harmony. It is important that one understands the new environment in true sense to focus on the situation more accurately. Hanging on to a wrong foot, miscommunication or misinterpretation ends up in an awkward move and perhaps, the ways and means to avoid this is to interact effectively with an utmost sense of clarity. Trust building is the most useful concept, which stands throughout the process of dispute settlement and helps parties by paving way to reach their goals.
This synopsis shall form the base for the study session to be held on 13/07/2012 and chaired by Ms. Harshitha Ram